by Joe Distefano

Who am I

I am Joe Distefano. My goal is to provide excellence in all areas of interior design, with a strong emphasis on client relations. The foundation of who I am is anchored in integrity, honesty and an impeccable level of professionalism. I believe that the relationships that we build with our clients are ever lasting and reflect the commitment I have towards both my work and designs.

What I do

  • Consultation

    Upon request I will consult with you at your home and determine your design requirements. At this meeting we will assess all aspects of the design project and determine what you would like to have done. Following the initial consultations we will meet again within one to two weeks and present the design concept. This will encompass everything relating to the design concept, such as design specs, estimated budget, photos, measurements, detailed floor plan, furniture and fabric selections, color schemes and more.

  • Interior Design

    Within two to three weeks upon approval of the design consultation and the initial design concept, we will begin. With a detailed budget of the projects estimated cost. including lighting, furnishings, accessories and more. Once all the details are approved and confirmed we will schedule the project and supervise and administer the project until completion.

  • Color Consultation

    Are you ready to explore the least expensive and most dramatic way to change the look of your room. let me help make the perfect color choice for your project! Color choices should always be made in the room in which they will be used. With this in mind I will bring paint charts to your home, examine your color options in the proper lighting and consider the other surfaces in the room. You will receive a color selections and paint chip for your home

Let me design for you

My Portfolio


Specializing in preforming interior design transformations through the art of interior design and re-design

The Benchmark
Office / Living Room / Dinning Room / Kitchen / Family Room / Bathroom / Bedroom
Upper Oaks
Living Room / Kitchen / Bathroom / Bedroom
Four Mile Creek
Living Room
The Westmount
Kitchen / Living Room / Bathroom / Dining Room
The Bottega
Living Room / Bathroom / Bedroom
The Carolina
Kitchen / Dining Room / Living Room
The Manhattan
Living Room
The Sunroom
Living Room
The Queensville
Dining Room / Bedroom / Kitchen / Living room
Saint Regis
Park Avenue
Dining Room / Living Room
The Cosmopolitan
Bathroom / Living Room / Dining Room
The Chalet
Living Room
The Abbott
Living Room
The Lancaster
Living Room
The Preston
The Saint Remy
Living Room
Studio 9
The Buchanan
Dining Room
The Breakfast Room
Dining Room
The Diva Condo
Living room
The Gabriel
Our Homes Lakeside In The City
Dining Room / Kitchen / Living Room / Bedroom / Bathroom
Kitchen / Bathroom
The Santa Barbara
Living Room
The Yorkville
Living room

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